Is It True That Space Aliens Are Abducting People?

UFOOne of the most interesting and often frightening parts of the UFO phenom, is the subject of alien abduction.

This area of concern involves people who’ve seen a UFO, interacted with it somehow, like as in its landing and occupants emerge, or in many cases the UFO hovers nearby or overhead and lifts people into it using some some of light beam technology. Inside the craft, experiments, primarily those of genetic experimentation take place and the persons then returned to their points of origin.

That’s the general understanding but it doesn’t always end that way. There have been accounts of strange beings from the skies who’ve landed on Earth and used and abused, and sometimes educated human beings. These stories go all the way back to the beginning of recorded history. Whether these beings or creatures are alien in origin is still one of debate as there has yet, to this day, no confirmation of any form of extraterrestrial having visited Earth in the past or present that scientific examination can determine.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t or isn’t happening, it means that no physical proof has been presented to the public, using the scientific method. This calls for investigators to really pour on the skills, as without cooperation from the authorities, the public at large is left to do things on their own. Considering what witnesses have testified to, one would think the governments around the world would be on top of this subject night and day, but that isn’t the case and perhaps for reasons we just don’t understand.

Again, the general outline of what an alien abduction contains is that a person or persons, see a UFO and for some reason interact with it. To qualify and quantify these encounters, the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, decades ago labeled these encounters as “Close Encounters”. He listed them from 1 to 4.

1.) A Close Encounter of the first kind is a sighting of a UFO.
2.) A Close Encounter of the second kind is both a sighting and a physical trace like a landing spot, burnt trees, etc..
3.) A Close Encounter of the third kind involves contact with the occupants of a UFO.
4.) A Close Encounter of the fourth kind is both contact and interaction with the occupants of a UFO.

Thanks to Dr. Hynek, the public was given something they could use to describe their encounters. Hynek, actually investigated UFOs for the U.S. Government but found out later that the data he had gathered called for further investigation that went against the grain of what the federal government wanted. He is fondly remembered as the “Grandfather of UFOlogy”.

Movies and televisions hows, comic books and novels, have portrayed real and fictional accounts of alien abduction. The real accounts are most astonishing and of note, the most groundbreaking account is that of the late Barney and Betty Hill, then from the New England area of the United States.

In the early 1960s, their story was featured in the popular magazine “LOOK” which detailed in part of their story where the couple testified that they had not only seen a UFO but had been abducted and experimented on by its occupants. They at first didn’t recall much but then, after having symptoms of psychological and physical distress, underwent hypnosis by a psychiatrist to determine what underlying events occurred that they couldn’t remember. Their story was featured in a popular book, written by their therapist, Dr. Simon, called “Interrupted Journey”. They’re detailed descriptions are legend and required reading to this very day by those investigating UFOs. It actually set the pattern of what others around the world would testify to. After decades of investigations, sometimes using hypnosis where needed, people of all walks of life attested to very similar encounters. One bit of confusion is that many in the public think that alien abductions occur only when someone is asleep and at night. This is the farthest thing from fact. Many, if not the majority of accounts occur during broad daylight, and the abductees in full awareness of what transpired.

These conscious recalls and encounters are very valuable, as hypnosis, regressive hypnosis, isn’t always reliable. It’s a case by case basis but when the victim is alert, better details come forth. Also, many accounts involve multiple people being abducted at the same time. From top military officials, celebrities, clergy, scientists, to the common Joe and Jane, the abductors seem to have no particular preference of whom they abduct, but the message is clear that they’re interested in their subjects for genetic study.

One of the main problems with people reporting to be abducted is that some aren’t truthful. They often have some political or religious or some other agenda at hand. It often derails or sidetracks investigators who have to separate the chaff from the wheat so to speak.

With decades of collected data, there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to who will be abducted. It appears that people of certain family lines have been followed, where one or both parents were abductees, their children and grandchildren will be also. Since these are technically kidnappings, the FBI has jurisdiction here, but to this day they refuse to acknowledge nor investigate these abductions. Perhaps because they can’t. The government doesn’t want the public to panic and since these abductions don’t interfere with the flow of money, or governmental operations, the issue is one of being put on the far back burner. Only when these UFO events threaten political standings or market shifts, does the government get involved. Often by willfully chastising witnesses, making threats, and worse.

For close to 60 years, stating you had an alien abduction experience would get you targeted by both government and the psychiatric industry, both working hand in hand to prevent abductees from telling details the authorities felt would be harmful to their goals and purposes. Expendable assets is what the public had become, but with the growth of the internet, and millions upon millions of people communicating about the subject and sharing notes, it’s clear that this phenomenon is not only real, but a threat to the military industrial complex and its associates.

What can the public do? Nothing that we know of yet to prevent it, however with new disclosures coming forth, the day may be at hand when the truth will finally be told.

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