Ambulance Chasers

Is America becoming a frivolous lawsuit country? We’ve all heard the story about the lady who sued McDonald’s because her coffee was to hot and she burned herself. And what about the story of the (psychic) woman who sued her surgeon because she lost her psychic ability after getting a CAT scan. Or what about a woman who sued a city and bankrupted them after tripping over a pothole.

Are any of these stories true? Has ambulance chasers really taken over this country? This one Austin Personal Injury Attorney doesn’t think so!

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Police StateWhen the United States was formed, the founders expressly made certain that the citizenry would be protected against government and police.

This was because when the British ruled the colonies, they used military and police force to subjugate the Americans. Robbery, murder, rape, confiscation of possessions without due process, had angered the Americans to such a point that they revolted and eventually won against the crown.
This and other transgressions were addressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with amendments added over the decades to accommodate changes in the times.

Protection against brutality by government and the police is paramount in American civil rights, however, in today’s headlines, numerous incidents have occurred that shed light on the massive amount of invasion into people’s privacy, threats and violence, and the unlawful confiscation of property. It’s gotten so bad that the citizens have formed numerous groups to combat the issue like never before. It literally hasn’t been this bad since the days of the Revolutionary War.

Congress and the municipalities are at constant odds with the citizens. Laws are being passed that make no sense whatsoever given the fundamentals of the laws that established the Republic in the first place. Now, with the advent of high end technology for spying with micro cameras, drones, satellites, and computing, the government and authorities are far more invasive than ever before.

The news headlines are rife with scandals over the past 30 years alone and each year things seem to get worse. Police taking advantage of situations in either direct conflict with the laws or skirt the issue by being on the fence of such issues and pushing the courts to side with the police.

Tactical gear is now very common with the police departments. SWAT gear, anti-terrorism gear, the average police department looks like something from a Hollywood movie. Police now bear high end military weaponry and surveillance tools. Overkill is the word of the day, and they justify this by saying the citizenry have high end weaponry, so they need it too. There is some merit to this as one can see in video of some of the public robberies where the assailants are decked out in armor and carrying assault weapons. You can’t fight that type of criminal with conventional police armament.

On the other hand, the use of military assault vehicles on American citizens is a sight most people do not want to see. These vehicles are for heavy combat of which the citizens have no defense.

On top of all that, every day there are videos coming out that show police brutality against innocent citizens, yet these officers are rarely prosecuted. This frustrates the public to the boiling point. Streets like in Ferguson, Missouri, have rioted and protested non stop. Protests I n all the major cities go on night and day. Social media is the tool that victims use in order to expose these transgressions and it is rubbing the police raw. The good old days of cops threatening witnesses is waning as the cops themselves have no idea when they’ll be caught on camera. Add to that, many municipalities are mandating that police carry body cams. These cameras, in combination with dashboard cameras are exposing not only police corruption but also help exonerate police from false charges. That sounds good, but the corrupt police are fighting against them. The police unions and support groups are lobbying lawmakers to try to change the game, but technology is outpacing corruption.

Even then, when cops are caught doing wrong, even killing someone in what looks like an unjustifiable homicide, juries and courts are still reticent to convict a police officer. Many believe that the cops get to the juries or that prosecutors and defense rig the situation in favor of the police. These cases have caused on uproar after another.

On top of all this, there’s the problem of government invasive tactics on the home life of Americans. One cannot even discipline one’s children without government intervention. Parents are threatened with fines, imprisonment and worse, for the smallest transgression regarding disciplining their children. This is enforced by the police who are tat the behest of psychiatrists and sociologists employed by government. It’s like one cannot engage in any activity without government scrutiny and the threat of police action.

Protests on campuses, civil complaints are often faced with confrontations with the police that can and often are deadly. The average citizen has no recourse in these matters as they’re not wealthy enough to afford a lawyer nor do they have the protection against police and their cohorts who are used to intimidate witnesses and so forth.

Legislators are backed up against the wall as they fear to take up sides against the police for numerous reasons. One is they’re afraid of repercussions such as violence and intimidation. On top of all that, the police unions have a tendency to vote in blocks and without their votes, politicians don’t stay in office. Politicians have to acquiesce to the police concerns or they won’t maintain their power and influence. This is changing rapidly though, thanks to social media such as Facebook. Nowadays, even the smallest police brutality issue or Constitutional rights issue can be posted on social media and go viral in mere minutes. This is the biggest thorn in the side of corruption ever. No criminal group is safe nowadays as their slightest transgression can end up on video and plastered all over the planet in mere minutes.

Due to the 9/11 attacks, security on all levels in the US has increased to immense proportions. What used to be a walk in the park is now rife with random police stops, checks, searches, questions. One might find oneself embroiled in any number of police actions, having done nothing other than go about one’s daily routines. Airports, bus terminals, schools, malls, are packed with security and police to the point the US is starting to look like Israel where people walk about with high tech weapons in full military uniform.

So the big question isn’t, “Is America Becoming A Police State?”, the big question is, “How did you not know that America IS a police state?”.


Edward SnowdenAt present there are billions of people who connect to the internet and engage in every sort of activity from just saying hello to one another to doing major commerce. The question arises regarding the safety of using the internet and the big question: Is the internet safe?

The internet is nothing more than a planetary wide communications system. It was developed decades ago in the United States as a way for government to communicate in case of a natural disaster or nuclear war. When the commercial value was recognized, the public was allowed access and the rest is history.

Computing relies on every growing technologies that allow for more efficient use. Bandwidth has increased thanks to fiber optics, memory storage is at levels that just a few decades ago was thought to be impossible. Power via the processors keeps increasing and it’s now at the point that something called “quantum computing” is on the horizon. That technology is light years ahead of what we have now and soon it will be at a desktop, laptop, and mobile device.

With this much power and expansion, the quality of security has also risen. Computer hackers are now the bane of the existence of everyone. No bank, government, or person is 100% safe from these people, many of whom are part of massive teams who’s only goal is the undermining of persons, governments, and institutions. Billions of dollars per day are stolen, and personal information as well. The recent hackings of the United States’ own NSA files by former CIA employee Eric Snowden showed everyone in the world that the most secure secrets can be had by just one man.

In countries like China, Russia, and North Korea, entire communities of hackers are forced or willfully engage in hacking and criminal activity throughout the world. Even in remote villages in Africa, hackers and identity thieves, ponzi scheme crooks, have pocketed billions from the unsuspecting population.

It doesn’t just stop with hackers either. Even governments have been busted for spying on people and corporations and engaging in extortion, theft, and more. Citizens from around the world engage in attacks on one another using a variety of tools and techniques that change with the times.

Basically, the internet isn’t safe by any means because people aren’t safe by any means.

The average user, consumer, does have some minimal protections when doing transactions as the encryption technologies are superb, however that data is stored on company and government servers and anyone compromising those systems then have access to the personal data therein. This is one of the major ways hackers gain personal data such as credit card, banking, and identity information. Once in their hands, they can make a person’s life miserable.

Governments have been chastised by top computer security experts regarding the security protocols that are lacking. Big corporations often neglect to upgrade because they’re trying to save money, but when a major hacking attack occurs they end up spending ten times or more for what they could have paid for prevention. This is case-in-point of the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”.

Believe it or not, a person’s best defenses start at their own fingertips. Often people are too lazy or aren’t security savvy regarding their own protection. There are numerous anti-virus software programs and other security software that is inexpensive and effective on the fundamental level. It’s how someone surfs and the information they give out on their own websites, emails, and social media that can get them in trouble. It’s tough because often a trusted person will send an email or a hyperlink in a social media post that leads to malware or spyware that the person is unaware of. When hackers get to your friends and family, they have a foot in the door to you.

Paying attention to the smaller details is a first step in defending yourself to some degree. Take some time to study security tips, many of which one can find on YouTube tutorials. Don’t use easy passwords like the name of your dog, kids, or even just the word “password”. Hackers know how to glean information about you and they’ll try the obvious ones first.

Since so much money is generated every second via the internet, criminals are woring 24/7 to get as much of it as they can. They don’t care what damage they do to anyone who gets in their way either. You, the small guy who is just out to watch soe movies or check emails and do some shopping are a tool, a resource for these criminals to use. Once you become a valuable asset to them, you’re in for trouble without the proper protections in place.

You can’t depend on government to step in to protect you as it can’t even protect itself. Besides, government isn’t interested in your security, only the security of its interests which are business based and protection against itself from citizens calling for transparency and accountability.

Politics is rife with so much corruption nowadays, that if a politician isn’t found guilty of something, it’s major news. The walls of ethical conduct and morals has fallen and the past 15 years alone has shown what lobbyists, politicians, and big business will go through at your expense. The public is infuriated at the constant compromises that has cost them billions as well as ruined lives. Were it not for independent journalism and watchdog groups, there’s no telling how much chaos would be wrought.

So the question of, “is the internet safe?”, can only be answered by stating that the the most unsafe thing about the internet are: people.

It’s just like the question of whether guns are safe. They’re safe as long as angry and irresponsible people don’t get access to them. Mankind’s worse enemy is often itself, and the expansion into cyberspace has allowed the worst of us a new playground by which to engage in the most nefarious of misdeeds.

The bottom line is, you need to be your own lifeguard on the web. Study, and keep studying.


UFOFor almost a century now, the world has been fascinated regarding the phenomenon of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects.

They weren’t always called UFOs, but that’s just semantics. One has to understand the history behind it all in order to grasp what really has been going on.

Believe it or not, the first sightings of strange aircraft in the skies goes back to the beginning of recorded history, many millennial ago. Stories of astonishing vehicles and beings that emerged from them are found in just about ever ancient culture o the planet. Some are unique to the cultures and peoples of their areas, while others have a striking number of similarities that are reflected in reports of modern day. Since there is no official government body nor one of academia that has qualified nor quantified it all, the public has been left to their own devices to figure out what is going on.

In the 1800s, the people of the United States were perplexed by flying airships and odd creatures they said piloted them. This mystery is still discussed today and in one case, in Texas, a craft was said to have crashed and its lone occupant buried there. Investigators have tried to unravel this mystery but to no avail. It’s common for UFO investigations to end up with a bigger mystery than what was set out to resolve. Any UFO investigator worth their magnifying glass and deerslayer, Sherlock Holmes hat can attest to the frustrations of investigating UFOs. It’s due primarily to spotty data, witness reluctance, and most important, government interference or unwillingness to assist.

What we need to do here is look at how the modern day UFO issue came to light and that calls for going back to the year 1947, in the United States. That month was the turning point that made UFOs what they are today. For years during the second World War, pilots had been reporting strange craft and lights that followed their planes. Troops too witnessed strange aerial phenomena, even ships at sea did also. Then, in June of that year, a businessman and professional pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane in the state of Washington, when he reported to see several crescent shaped aircraft flying in formation at speeds exceeding that of the speed of sound. He stated that the craft were flying past Mount Rainier and using his piloting skills was able to determine their trajectory, speed, and more. When interviewed by one of the press, he stated that the aircraft flew like one would skip a saucer over water. Skipping stones and saucers over water was a pastime and is still one to this day. The press mistakenly then printed that Arnold had seen “flying saucers” and the name stuck. From then on, the term flying saucers was used to explain every strange craft seen in the skies.

The country was alarmed. Soon more reports of flying saucers began to pour in and photos, movies, trace cases where reportedly craft had touched down, were investigated by the government, sometimes in the public eye and also in secret. The reason for this was that the government didn’t know the source of these craft and feared they might have been Soviet technologies from captured Nazi scientists. The same went on in the Soviet Union. They had reports too and feared the craft might be American.

The public clamored for answers when suddenly in July of 1947 an even bigger story broke. In Roswell, New Mexico there was a military base, the only atomic weapons strike force in the world at the time. It was from this base, the 509th Bombardment Wing, that the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan came from. It was at the time the most secured military base in the world. At some time during the first week of July, a ranch foreman named Mack Brazel, discovered a large debris field of unusual material on the ranch. He contacted the local authorities who also contacted the military. Debris was collected and examined at the airbase. According to reports, no one knew what the debris was, however, the base commander, a decorated colonel allowed a press release to be issued declaring that the U.S., had captured a flying saucer.

News spread around the world, but then, the base issued an update that in fact what they had recovered was a simple weather balloon. No one, to this day believes that story and eyewitnesses, including those of rank, have contradicted the official story. Investigators like nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, Charles Berlitz, William L. Moore, Don Berliner, Jaime Shandera, Dr. Kevin Randle, Don Schmidt, and many, many others, uncovered a plethora of information that shows without a doubt that the government has lied since day one regarding the Roswell Incident.

That being said, it just shows the pattern of disinformation and misinformation that researchers in the public arena have to deal with. The citizens are due a cordial explanation to any queries they put forth to the government as long as that information doesn’t jeopardize national security. So it is with UFOs in the United States. Dismissed by the government as a non issue, it has been shown a thousand times over that no other subject will elicit the kind of stonewalling, threats, and disingenuous responses from government, than UFOs.

So, it’s been up to the public and valiant investigators who’ve had to use their own resources, most without funding, some with public funding, to investigate and research this matter.

The bottom line here, is that there is more interest in UFOs than ever, and with the use of the world wide web, new technologies for doing the science needed, as well as witnesses coming forward, the truth will emerge and the world had better be ready for it.

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RoswellOne of the biggest stories of late regarding the UFO phenom is that of what reportedly are two slides, dating back to the 1940s of an alien being from the infamous Roswell Incident.

Back in 1947, a reported flying saucer crashed outside of the town of Roswell, New Mexico. At first the military releases a press release that the U.S., had finally captured a flying saucer. The news spread rapidly around the world but soon the story was retracted to state that what had been found was a weather balloon. That explanation never stuck with the public and after exhaustive research by private citizens, the government story doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. It is now, with overwhelming evidence, proven that one or more craft crashed on a ranch over 70 miles from Roswell and also in an area called the Plains of San Augustine.

Originally the government explanation was so laughable, no one believed it. It wasn’t until the late 1970s that nuclear physicist, Stanton T. Friedman, broke the story about Roswell with an interview with the military officer, first at the scene of one of the debris fields. This office, then Major Jesse Marcel Sr., was stationed at the 509th Bombardment Wing of the 8th Air Force in Roswell. It was then, the only atomic bomb strike force on the planet, and one of the most top secret, secure bases in history. For this officer and the staff at the base not to be able to tell the difference between a weather balloon and aircraft wreckage is so implausible that it could be a comedy routine all unto itself.

Investigators have been looking for any physical proof whatsoever to support the crashed alien stories and that’s where this new collection of slides comes in. They were discovered having been in the possession of a couple who took extensive photos of events during their travels. Both the man and woman were top professionals in their fields of law, science, aircraft, and in a box full of slides of their photos, these two photos, color photos, was discovered and subjected to rigorous testing to see if the slides were authentic across the board. With that being said, the slides so far have passed the litmus test and will be presented to the public at a major event in Mexico City by long time journalist, Jaime Maussan.

Maussan, one of the top documentary producers in history, as well as having spent years a producer for CBS News’ “60 Minutes”, is a long time investigator of UFOs. Some say he’s a sensationalist, but to his credit, Maussan has spent enormous amounts of money and time researching UFOs where his counterparts in the U.S., have been grossly negligent.

This May 5, 2015 Roswell alien slides event is sure to bring down the house in the annals of UFOLogy. So far the two slides have been shown to the public and speculation and analysis are flooding in from all over. A good number of professional UFOlogists are on the fence regarding this disclosure. Being skeptical, as this is being a called a smoking gun type of event, it’s best to not toss caution to the wind. Only detailed cross examination, peer reviewed analysis can determine how much of the volume of quality data can be gleaned fro these slides. If the majority suggests the slides are real, then the next step is to determine what exactly do the slides show? We see the body of a small being or person with a large head and eyes. Alien? Without further data no one can truly tell. At the minimum, what can be said is that the pictures show a being that is unfamiliar with the physiology on file in present day science.

It now behooves the public and others to come forward with any information they have to support the pictures or even release information they’ve been wanting to bring forward as well. As all the pieces start fitting it, we’ll be able to say where we stand regarding the alien and UFO phenomenon.

So far, the Kodachrome slides presented have pulled in amazing interest and a good amount of debate. Some people are prejudging the photos in all the wrong ways. Belief without testing is a bad thing. There are tests that have been done but we should wait for further examination. The other side of the coin disbelieves the slides without any investigation on their part. This is the cap that says to itself that it cannot be a reality because it upsets their reality. The ind works like that sometimes. In either case, this is an issue of several people making astonishing claims and that alone requires that the science be done by the book.

The event will be held at the National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico, by Maussan. The original discovery of the slides was done by a man named Tom Carey, who acquired the slides and worked alongside long time UFO investigator Don Schmitt. They had the slides authenticated by a bona fide Kodak expert who reportedly confirmed that the slides were from 1947.

Where this is going to end up is anyone’s guess, but only about three results will occur. Either the public will accept these slides to be true, ignore them, or open the door for further investigation. The mainstream news media will obviously not take this presentation seriously and will undoubtedly follow the pattern they’ve established decades ago to either attack the presenters of evidence instead of attacking the evidence. The only way this story will rise above the UFO initiates is if a big stink is raised regarding the images. That will call on some celebrity power, but probably won’t happen because it’s been common practice to attack anyone who supports any for of UFO investigation, even if they’re a skeptic as well by the mainstream media.

So for now, we’ll all have to wait for the Jaime Maussan, Roswell Kodachrome alien pictures to be presented along with whatever other evidence he’s got in store. Word has it that there’s more to come at the event, some surprises we haven’t expected.

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911Never before in American history, save for the events of December 7, 1941 when the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, has the U.S. Had to deal with such massive devastation and upheaval as it did on September 11, 2001.

On that day, 19 hijackers commandeered four jetliners and successfully found three of their four targeted buildings killing thousands of people and many more wounded. The scenario unfolded in Boston as the hijackers, later to be found out to be mostly Saudi Arabian citizens and Pakistanis, slipped by all protective measures and boarded the planes with box cutters and made their way to the cockpits.

Several people on board the planes were injured during the hijackings, and in one case, the passengers tried to gain control of the jet but it then supposedly careened into the ground in the state of Pennsylvania.

The other three planes hit the two World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, the seat of America’s military intelligence.

The result of the attacks brought about a worldwide standstill, as travel, banks, schools, and every other institution was suspended.

Therein lies the rub. Far too many points of the attacks don’t make sense nor add up given the government’s assessment, evaluation and final statements. Far too many eyewitnesses, physical evidence, documentation, all pointed to a myriad of issues that still go unanswered to this day.

Many conspiracy theorists have dug up very important and irrefutable facts that flies in the face of the official government assessment. On the other hand, there are those who’ve come up with theories so far beyond delusion that they muddy the waters as the public tries to find the truth.

Blame can be spread out all over the place, but the final analysis shows that it was a long and short term series of irresponsibility, negligence that left the doors open to such an attack. Not only that, but it’s quite clear from the findings of some of the media, independent researchers, and the public themselves that the official accounts don’t hold much water.

Questions such as:

If the World Trade Center Twin Towers were specifically designed to withstand the impact of a large jetliner, why did they collapse?

How could steel melt at such a low temperature that ignited airplane fuel burns at? How is it no other steel structure has collapsed from fire? Even some steel structures of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blasts were still standing at those high temperatures.

How is it that the U.S., blamed Iraq when it was clear from their own intelligence sources that the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?

How could the passport of one of the hijackers survive the plane crash, collapse of two mega ton buildings and easily found by the authorities?

What happened to the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania as no one saw it go down and the debris field didn’t match that of an airliner crash?

How come no decent footage of the jetliner that supposedly hit the Pentagon could be mustered?

How come the owner of the trade center complex is clearly seen interviewed on television that he and his colleagues decided to level the buildings to prevent further destruction and injury?

Why would they ‘pull’ the buildings with people and police and rescue workers inside and nearby?

There are far too many outpoints here and that’s why this issue of the 9/11 attacks will never go away until they’re properly answered.

As for now it’s more than apparently clear that the U.S., engaged in many coverups during these incidents and used that disaster as a means to launch another foray into the Middle East. If the attackers were Saudi nationals, why didn’t the U.S., invade Saudi Arabia?

Since the incident, there have been so many conspiracy theories that one can get lost in it all. Even countries like China and France and others have issued their own theories of what really happened and who was actually behind the attacks.

In retaliation, the United States launched attacks on Iraq and against targets in Afghanistan. They sent billions to the Pakistani government to rout out any Taliban and Al Queda members. The cost in lives tallied upwards of 7,000 American soldiers with tens of thousands more wounded. The toll on the Iraqis is unknown but estimated to e well over a million. Even though no Iraqis were implicated in the attacks, it was clear to all that then President George W. Bush was out for revenge against then Iraqi boss, Saddam Hussein.

The rapid advance into Iraq was unrelenting. Within hours and days the Americans had captured the main city and Hussein. The same was not the case in Afghanistan where they had hoped to nail Osama Bin Laden, a former ally of the United States and head of the Taliban/Al Queda movement. Bin Laden had been trained and supported by the CIA and after the attacks, bogus videos appeared showing him celebrating the attacks. In all this, no one noticed the inconsistencies in on the ground reports of the attacks in New York where buildings that had received little damage collapsed and then later the owner, Larry Silverstein stated that they used control demolitions to bring the two towers and World Trade Center building 7 down.

Experts in demolition as well as architects the world over stated that the collapse of the buildings looked exactly like controlled demolitions. The evidence was irrefutable and to this day the United States sticks by its story that the buildings came down due to damage from the planes.

Bin Laden was finally captured and killed in a raid on his Pakistani compound by Navy SEALS. The big question there is that he had been living in Pakistan, in the most highly concentrated military community in the country for years and no one noticed. This raised even far more questions and the politicians in the U.S., wondered where all those billions of dollars went if the Pakistani military couldn’t even notice their primary quarry was living in almost plain sight.

The US., ended their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to President Barack Obama, but it’s clear to see that there are still rogue elements within the military/industrial complex who want more war and may even now be planning a False Flag attack to drum up more support for war.

Everyone should be on their toes.


DraculaEveryone’s favorite vampire is alive and well in the minds of millions upon millions of his fans though the numerous movies, television, comic books, novels, and fan fiction that continue to pepper the public.

The question, however, is whether Dracula is real, and the answer is: Somewhat.

The story of Dracula was most famously exposed in the classic horror novel, “Dracula”, written by Irish author, Bram Stoker and published on May 26, 1897. It tells the story of several men and women who encounter the Count Dracula during a real estate transaction and follows the Count’s efforts to immigrate to England where he, in his vampire form, can find new people to feast on. As one knows, vampires must drink human blood in order to survive. The vampire legend is huge, and spans all sorts of vampires that not only drink human blood, but that of animals, sometimes just absorbing life force from another creature and other manifestations of parasitic behavior.

The Dracula legend, however didn’t just start with Stoker’s novel. It goes way back, hundreds of years and believe it or not, was started by Christians and then the exploits of one Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia. Vlad was born in Transylvania during the 1400s. He was a ruthless military leader and is said to have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people including civilians and combatants like the then invading Ottoman Turks. Vlad was Christian, the Turks, Muslims. Vlad is indeed credited for having saved Europe from a Muslim invasion.

The name “Dracula” however, comes from a society founded by one Sigismund of Luxembourg, then king of Hungary. It was established to defend Christianity. Vlad’s father, Vlad II Dracul joined that order in 1431. Dracul means dragon, hence the name Dracula means “son of the dragon”. It sounds like something out of a Kung Fu movie, but it’s European in origin.

The long folk tales of Dracula spread across Europe and parts of Asia for hundreds of years. People were terrified as stories of Dracula having been alive, given immortality by drinking the blood of maidens or some such became as real to some as any. These stories continued well into the 1800s and Stoker, reportedly ran across such stories while during research and the legend of Dracula in the modern era was born.

Many scholars debate whether Stoker knew of Vlad III, but it’s clear in the novel that he does indeed name Dracula as Vlad III. This gives the character of Dracula a real person to be based on, a foothold in history and humanity that people marvel at to this day.

Dracula has become such an iconic figure of horror, that several actors have gained fame and fortune portraying hi. The character’s exploits just won’t go away as new films, mini series, and more keep popping up over and over again. Every culture on Earth now knows of Dracula and Hollywood is most guilty of marring the line between reality and fantasy. Dracula has done just about everything in Hollywood from his trademark neck biting to break dancing in Hip Hop music videos.

Even in Romania, there are tours of areas that are historically said to be where Vlad II lived and conducted his reigns of terror. There’s even a castle there where he was said to have been buried. People flock to the location for the spooky feel to be in Transylvania and imagine what it would be like if Dracula should rise from the grave and start biting necks again.

To help fuel the legend, as mentioned earlier, there are locations in the Romanian area said to be the home of Dracula. One is Bran Castle which is indeed a national monument and fortress that lies on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania. There are a couple other castle said to be the homes of Dracula too such as Hunyad Castle and Poenari Castle.

There are other locations in the region where it’s said Dracula lived or officiated and it makes good tourism for the country. Just find a spot to link to Dracula, and the tourist money comes rolling in.

Dracula is a money maker. From all the merchandise and media, he continues to line the pockets of marketers around the world. It’s due to the fact that he’s an historical character that everyone can exploit. The character has changed the nomenclature and lexicons of languages around the world.

It’s is amazing to find the number of experts and amateurs who’ve spent countless hours researching Dracula and digging up every bit of data to make the character more real. What started out as a character who is a bloodthirsty maniac has turned into a sympathetic character that people can identify with. Mixing the fantasy and fiction with fact and history now paints a more robust picture of the character and gives novelists, movie makers and more, more grist for the ill for further exploits.

So now, we go back to the original question, is Dracula real?

For all intents and purposes, we’ll have to say yes, Dracula is, or was real, but not like the movie and fiction books say.

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HAARPThere have been many conspiracy theories regarding the United States facility and technological applications in the state of Alaska, known as HAARP. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

It’s a research program that tests the ionospheric phenomena. It is actually a joint research venture involving both the Air Force and Navy as well as the University of Alaska. Added to this list is the mysterious DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The goal of HAARP is supposed to be for radio communications, ionospheric enhancement technology and surveillance.

Located near Gakona, Alaska, the research facility has been the target of one conspiracy theory after another, and for good reason it sees.

Since the principal players associated with HAARP are the subject of other conspiracy theories , then it’s no wonder that the HAARP operation I under the scrutiny of the public. The cover story of its research goals is one thing, but there’s so much mystery involved that the range of theories goes from the development of a super weapon to a facility that can contact alien civilizations.

The facility is packed with exotic technology such as the IRI or ionospheric Research Instrument that is a radio frequency transmitter that operates in the HF or high frequency band. In addition there is UHF and VHF radar, a digisoned and fluxgate magnetometer, induction magnetometer. These all sound like something from a science fiction movie or from a mad scientist’s lab, but they are genuine technologies used for a variety of reasons.

That being said, the big questions are, is that all that goes on at HAARP or are there other technological instruments and purposes the public is unaware of. It’s to be sure not everything is being disclosed to the public regarding HAARP. Of course the government is gong to conduct top secret experiments since it is associated with defense. Some of these experiments might deal with areas the government doesn’t want the public nor its enemies to find out about.

Often publicly funded research programs will be the over for more clandestine operations or get hijacked by government and used for secret operations. That doesn’t mean that they’re working on ways to take over the world or to contact some alien overlord, what it means is that sometimes things are done in secret that just might be for the public good.

That is the viewpoint that some won’t accept however, they’re convinced that the HAARP site is developing some sort of technologies to subjugate mankind, or can be used to accidentally destroy the world. Upper ionospheric manipulation or modification could turn into a disaster, and given the history of mishaps with governments and technologies, the big questions here are is there enough oversight to ensure the experiments there are being done correctly and safely and who is responsible for the operations here.

Some of the wildest conspiracy theories is that HAARP ha been used to develop a global mind control system. This mind control system is designed to change the emotional levels of large groups of people for any number of reasons. Some say it could be used to make people more docile, more violent, or easier to manipulate as in elections or other such sinister goals. Given the US Government’s past history of experimentation regarding mind control, this doesn’t seem that far fetched, however, no solid link between HAARP and such use of the facility has been made. The public is duly skeptical as in the past the government has experimented on people against their will and caused serious injury and even death. Only within the past 20 years thanks to public and private investigations suing the Freedom of Information Act have these past illegal experiments come to light. So the public in truth, is justified in their suspicions of HAARP but further investigation needs to be done to prove their suspicions out.

Another theory suggests that the HAARP project is designed to initiate natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. This is something that is so far fetched that it does fall under the mad scientist theory of HAARP. Weather control is something mankind has sought after since time immemorial and to think that it has been achieved is really pushing the limits, however, it’s not that implausible a theory. Science does know how weather works. Every year we learn more and more about weather patterns and so on. The ability to create droughts and heavy wind and rain storms could be achieved but there’s no evidence solid enough to link HAARP to this.

As far as earthquakes go, that’s another stretch of the imagination as that takes power on a level that is inconceivable to most. Earthquakes are caused by shifts in underground fault lines that can go miles below the surface. There is no evidence of any machine that can precisely take advantage of the dynamics necessary to move billions of tons of rock in a controlled system. The only thing coming close is massive mining endeavors that can compromise certain faults but nothing on the scale of a major earthquake. Not yet.

Even further wild unscientific theories abound blaming HAARP for everything from mental illnesses to common maladies. None of these theories are based anywhere near anything we could call science, but as long as there are mysteries surrounding HAARP, people will claim the facility is responsible for anything under the Sun.

In the 20 or so years since the construction of HAARP in 1993, it does have sister station facilities that perform similar research such as at the large Caribou Observatory in Puerto Rico and the HIPA facility nearby in Fairbanks, Alaska but was taken down in 2009 for reconstruction.

If Americans weren’t bad enough with their conspiracy theories, foreign powers have their own ideas that are just as far fetched and worrisome. This is to be expected from America’s rivals as they are mostly worried the facility is going to be used as an offensive weapon.

With all the theories, the bottom line is, that the facility is still doing research. The public can view some of the research and engage in dialogue with the facility to some degree. Mind you though, it is a facility that is doing advanced research and not every bit of data is available for public scrutiny. There’s no telling what will be gleaned from HAARP in the long run, but at least there are enough people who have a close eye on the facility should someone or something try to use it for nefarious reasons.

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BigfootOne of the most popular stories in the United States is that of a giant, hairy, manlike creature known as Bigfoot.

It has several names from various parts of the country but is most mainly known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape. It reportedly can reach heights of up to 12ft tall and weigh close to 800lbs. It is fast, shrewd, cunning, and very intelligent. It also is known for emitting a stench like that of rotten eggs and garbage.

This creature’s description isn’t anything new. Stories go back well over a thousand years, mostly from Native Americans but the first European accounts came from the Viking sailors who reported exactly the same creatures we discuss today.

That alone plus the immense amount of forensic evidence should prove that the creatures exist, but the United States Government and the mainstream media refuse to address the issue to the American public who have been clamoring for answers for as long as the country has been in existence.

In the early years of the United States, the creature was encountered a lot by farmers and explorers. One such notable explorer was none other than the legendary frontiersman, Daniel Boone who recorded that he had shot one of these creatures while out on one of his hunting excursions. Boone referred to it as a “yahoo”, as that was the popular name of these creatures at the time because they would be noted as making such a noise.

During the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and expansion into the frontiers and West, encounters with these creatures increased but to this day no bodies have been recovered. They are shy and seem to have an uncanny sense of our presence. They travel as far south as Florida and as far north through Canada. In Central and South America they’re known, and in other parts of the world from Asia to Africa, they’ve been reported.

Since the dawn of recorded history these creatures have been part of legend and history with just about every major culture reporting them. Where they come from, where they go is a mystery but the theories go from the prosaic to the absurd.

One thing to note though, close encounters with these creatures can be deadly. If they’re primates of that size, twice the size and mass of a gorilla, then it is easy for them to render a man into shreds with little effort, and there are stories of such things.

The only acknowledgment of their existence by the United States Government is in a few pamphlets to their employees in the Dept. of the Interior. Some states like Washing State have similar notices showing where sightings have occurred.

What we do have are footprints, hand prints, body prints, hair samples, tissue samples, feces samples, and finally a qualitative and quantitative bit of DNA analysis that shows that these creatures are a cross between human beings and some unknown primate of the past.

It may be that they didn’t exist until 50-100,000 years ago. Modern humans didn’t appear until about 200,000 years ago and the various races didn’t emerge until between 25,000-50,000 years ago. That’s a lot of time for things to happen and it’s up to the anthropologists to do more digging. Even today anthropologists are making discoveries that call for rewriting the history books. This field of study isn’t definitive and it’s a sure bet that someone other than the U.S., will solve this mystery and embarrass the U.S., again.

At present, the Chinese Government is looking into the matter as reports from Asia of the Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman, still come from the mountains of Tibet and the Himilayas. As the country of China expands their communication systems, smartphones, cameras, drones, it’s a matter of time before investigators there find something.

Rewards for the capture of a live or dead creature have circulated for years. There have been solid reports of preserved bodies that at one time were carried around the U.S., in carnivals but suddenly disappeared when the popularity of the creature Bigfoot became mainstream. In Russia, not only was one captured, a female, but she was inducted into a village, married, and had offspring. Her children and grandchildren, alive today, have been tested for DNA and there are anomalies. Her body, buried is in a location the locals can’t remember, but it is there. A well written account of her existence is recorded in the village where she lived.

That gives us a clue that the Bigfoot creatures can at one end of the spectrum look similar to humans. Some more apelike. Their rarity can be attributed to the encroachment of modern humans who occupy the various landscapes except for the most dense of forests and jungles as well as treacherous mountain ranges, all locations for where these Bigfoot creatures are now said to be sighted.

Is Bigfoot dangerous? So far the physical encounters would say yes if they are provoked. Know to hurl heavy rocks, tree branches, the creature is very accurate with its aim but tends to try to warn off than attack. Physical encounters only a few have lived to tell of.

There are many, many reports throughout the U.S., of these creatures causing traffic accidents. Some being hit by cars, trucks, and the officials and authorities covering things up. Old stories of these creatures stealing livestock as well as people and children still go on, although the kidnapping of people seems to have stopped sometime in the early 1800s, most likely due to the introduction of the gun into their territories.

Will we ever catch a real Bigfoot?

It is inevitable that we will, however, there are some who speculate that their population is very low. Possibly with less than 1,500 left in both North and South America. That being the case, it’s a good bet the governments have already gathered up as many as they can and have them corralled somewhere, tagged, and under constant guard.

Why doesn’t the government admit Bigfoot exists?

There are two good reasons for why the government is silent regarding Bigfoot. First of all, the creatures are rare and if the pulbic knew where they lived you would have deranged people trying to hunt and kill them. On the social end, Bigfoot existence would cause an uproars as did the proof of gorillas did in the early 1900s. Many religious groups in the U.S., do not believe that large apes as such can exist because it’s not mentioned in the Bible. These people are influential in commerce and politics and are the kind of people who would go to no lengths to keep their illusions alive.

In the meantime, with the amount of smartphones, drones, cameras, someone soon is going to capture a Bigfoot with great clarity and then we’ll see the fur fly.

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