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Truth in Action- Los Angeles 9-11-07


I concentrated on taking footage that will show really how many people were on the streets with us...local media from independent sources were there to report on being Cal State University Northridge and the other an up and coming website ANCIENTUNIVERSITY.ORG...a reporter from KTLA or KCAL did come out and shoot video of Johnny Wave but of course it did not end up on the news last night

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Long Weekend in LA

Everyone was a little spread out this weekend but I believe that maximum exposure was reached. A lot of 9/11 truth was intertwined with impeachment rallies from Thousand Oaks to LA. Here are just a few of the pictures with much thanks to Randy who was even interviewed by local media (but the cover up continues when his interview was shown), however we heard from a lady that his sign made it onto the news Thursday night. Also while Randy and I were at the impeachment rally in Thousand Oaks, a great shot of a 9/11 truth sign was featured in the Saturday edition of the Ventura County Star (don't think that it is online).

101 FREEWAY IN LA 8/10
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Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks

A change of pace found us up in Santa Barbara this 11th freeway blogging for the very first time. What an amazingly cheap way of activism. Our hope was to get some media coverage from a local station but we missed out because the weekend producer wasn't interested (the week day producer wants to cover us and I was in contact with her asking her to pass on the information and I am not sure she did). Also posted signs in Thousand Oaks but were unable to get the front of the sign over the 101 freeway in Thousand Oaks and one side in SB.

A Place For Activists... TRUTHACTION.ORG

Last October I was visiting YouTube when I came across a comment that read "For the truth about 9/11 go to" Immediately I downloaded the film and watched my world crumble. It took me about 3 months to learn all I needed, in order to discuss 9/11 with people I came in contact with, and know the facts. In January I was informed, yet I still didn't really know what I could do about it. I went pretty far down the rabbit hole and I came to a point where I just didn't need to see another 9/11 documentary. I knew the facts and it was time to take action.

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