We're going live with the new site on the eve of our seventh Eleventh of taking action together everywhere. Many of the pages are still under construction but we don't have time to wait.

Huge massive thanks to CV for all his help with the site.

On Jack Blood's show Friday August 10, promoting action mp3 It was an honor to join Jack just minutes after the historic reunion of firefighter John Schroeder with William Rodriguez, who saved his life in WTC.

Truth Revolution Radio August 10 mp3 Off the hook on the eve of the Eleventh, talking to Adam in NH, Brenda in Ohio, Mike Knarr from We Are Change, David from the Lone Lantern Society, Michelle from Austin 9/11 Truth Now and Jessica from Houston Truth.

This site is independent media for truth activists, use it.

Post your actions on!

OK, let's take it to the streets -


New site looks great and you're doing a great job on the Jack Blood!

Thanks man!

That was fun, Jack's awesome.

Thanks for everything

YT..the hardest working man in the truth movement...getting ready for tomorrow

Nicely done.

Nicely done.