A Synopsis Of The UFO Phenomenon

ufoFor almost a century now, the world has been fascinated regarding the phenomenon of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects.

They weren’t always called UFOs, but that’s just semantics. One has to understand the history behind it all in order to grasp what really has been going on.

Believe it or not, the first sightings of strange aircraft in the skies goes back to the beginning of recorded history, many millennial ago. Stories of astonishing vehicles and beings that emerged from them are found in just about ever ancient culture o the planet. Some are unique to the cultures and peoples of their areas, while others have a striking number of similarities that are reflected in reports of modern day. Since there is no official government body nor one of academia that has qualified nor quantified it all, the public has been left to their own devices to figure out what is going on.

In the 1800s, the people of the United States were perplexed by flying airships and odd creatures they said piloted them. This mystery is still discussed today and in one case, in Texas, a craft was said to have crashed and its lone occupant buried there. Investigators have tried to unravel this mystery but to no avail. It’s common for UFO investigations to end up with a bigger mystery than what was set out to resolve. Any UFO investigator worth their magnifying glass and deerslayer, Sherlock Holmes hat can attest to the frustrations of investigating UFOs. It’s due primarily to spotty data, witness reluctance, and most important, government interference or unwillingness to assist.

What we need to do here is look at how the modern day UFO issue came to light and that calls for going back to the year 1947, in the United States. That month was the turning point that made UFOs what they are today. For years during the second World War, pilots had been reporting strange craft and lights that followed their planes. Troops too witnessed strange aerial phenomena, even ships at sea did also. Then, in June of that year, a businessman and professional pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying his plane in the state of Washington, when he reported to see several crescent shaped aircraft flying in formation at speeds exceeding that of the speed of sound. He stated that the craft were flying past Mount Rainier and using his piloting skills was able to determine their trajectory, speed, and more. When interviewed by one of the press, he stated that the aircraft flew like one would skip a saucer over water. Skipping stones and saucers over water was a pastime and is still one to this day. The press mistakenly then printed that Arnold had seen “flying saucers” and the name stuck. From then on, the term flying saucers was used to explain every strange craft seen in the skies.

The country was alarmed. Soon more reports of flying saucers began to pour in and photos, movies, trace cases where reportedly craft had touched down, were investigated by the government, sometimes in the public eye and also in secret. The reason for this was that the government didn’t know the source of these craft and feared they might have been Soviet technologies from captured Nazi scientists. The same went on in the Soviet Union. They had reports too and feared the craft might be American.

The public clamored for answers when suddenly in July of 1947 an even bigger story broke. In Roswell, New Mexico there was a military base, the only atomic weapons strike force in the world at the time. It was from this base, the 509th Bombardment Wing, that the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan came from. It was at the time the most secured military base in the world. At some time during the first week of July, a ranch foreman named Mack Brazel, discovered a large debris field of unusual material on the ranch. He contacted the local authorities who also contacted the military. Debris was collected and examined at the airbase. According to reports, no one knew what the debris was, however, the base commander, a decorated colonel allowed a press release to be issued declaring that the U.S., had captured a flying saucer.

News spread around the world, but then, the base issued an update that in fact what they had recovered was a simple weather balloon. No one, to this day believes that story and eyewitnesses, including those of rank, have contradicted the official story. Investigators like nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, Charles Berlitz, William L. Moore, Don Berliner, Jaime Shandera, Dr. Kevin Randle, Don Schmidt, and many, many others, uncovered a plethora of information that shows without a doubt that the government has lied since day one regarding the Roswell Incident.

That being said, it just shows the pattern of disinformation and misinformation that researchers in the public arena have to deal with. The citizens are due a cordial explanation to any queries they put forth to the government as long as that information doesn’t jeopardize national security. So it is with UFOs in the United States. Dismissed by the government as a non issue, it has been shown a thousand times over that no other subject will elicit the kind of stonewalling, threats, and disingenuous responses from government, than UFOs.

So, it’s been up to the public and valiant investigators who’ve had to use their own resources, most without funding, some with public funding, to investigate and research this matter.

The bottom line here, is that there is more interest in UFOs than ever, and with the use of the world wide web, new technologies for doing the science needed, as well as witnesses coming forward, the truth will emerge and the world had better be ready for it.

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