Calgary 9/11 Truth on CTV News

Another success for the Take it to the Media strategy. Great work, guys!

Actions of October 11





Mitt Romney: Afraid of Cameras?

911 Mysteries in Union Square Park NYC

A crowd of hundreds watch an outdoor screening of 911 Mysteries on September 12, 2007.

Synthetic Error

A response to Mr. Tarpley's recent attacks on antiwar and truth activists:

Synthetic Error: The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley

by Michael Wolsey September 17, 2007

Tucson Arizona September 11 2007

WeAreChangeSeattle in NYC: Part 2

WeAreChangeSeattle in NYC on 9/10 interviewing individuals in the 9/11 Truth Movement, and people outside the screening of Loose Change Final Cut. Interviews include Dylan Avery (, Erin (, and Justin Martell (

WeAreChangeSeattle in (NYC) Part 1

John Karlo and Slobodan in NYC doing interviews and truthactions. Part 1

San Diego September 11 2007

Beach Party

from Abby with the San Diego 9/11 Truth Meetup

TulsaTruth Confronts Giuliani

Actions of September 11 on Truth Revolution Radio

Part one of the action reports from September 11 2007. Nathan Evans of We Are Change recounts the confrontation with Giuliani in the pit at Ground Zero and we talk to Nick from urnotfree, Nick from Sydney Australia and Johnny Wave of Marines for 9/11 Truth.

Truth Revolution Radio September 12 2007 MP3

Tucson 9/11Truth, Peace and Justice Day, 2007

911TruthTucson held three street actions starting at 7:00 AM and ending around 7:30 PM. We were joined by representatives from the peace community including Veterans for Peace, Raging Grannies, WILPF, World Can't Wait and others. Supporters for Kucinich and Paul helped us promote 9/11 truth. We counted 20 demonstrators at our morning event, about 35 at noon and about 50 for the big finale in the late afternoon at which 911TruthTucson joined Raging Grannies just two blocks from the largest PRO-WAR demonstration ever seen in Tucson. Video and a Tucson Citizen newspaper

Local TV Channels 11 and 13 covered the noon and evening events.

The day was peaceful and orderly and we are grateful for the kind and respectful support we had from the Tucson Police Department. We finished the day with a showing of "Liberty Bound" - a film by Christine Rose at the Northwest Center.

ACTION REPORT: 9/11/07 LAS VEGAS (with pictures)

Thank you to those who came out last night and took action with us for 9/11 truth. The turnout was great (around 30 people), about half of us marched from Bellagio to the New York New York and back. We were impressed that almost everyone that showed up brought their own signs, dvds, and/or flyers. The couple of Iraq war veterans were a nice addition to our rally as well. We passed out around 100 dvds and probably close to 1,000 flyers. We witnessed our group of patriots engaging in friendly conversations with tourists all evening. There were very few negative responses and an overwhelming amount of positive responses to our action (like always). Thanks again to everyone who participated. You should be very proud of yourselves, and we hope to see all of you next month.


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