Student Scholars with Elizabeth Edwards and FOX News

On the afternoon of 8/23/07, several members of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth attended a John Edwards rally in Peterborough, NH. At this rally, Edwards was whisked off before we could get a word with him. However, Justin Martell was able to get a quick interview with Elizabeth Edwards and harrass FOX News:

John Edwards with Barbara Walters on the morning of September 11, 2001:

Seattle Hempfest TruthAction!

Two videos of truthactions on the 18th and 19th.
Ask Questions, Demand Answers!

Giuliani Confronted Again


Giuliani, Big on Terror, Not on Evidence

Mike Knarr

August 22

Rudy Giuliani attended a fund raiser in Brooklyn at a jewish community center. His speech was mainly focused on, you guessed it, the war on terror. He made fun of Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" and denounced it with Pro-American HealthCare sentiments. However he failed to mention what he would do for the 1st Responders who are dieing by the thousands.

His speech was big on terror, but when it came time to discuss the evidence like the recent member of his own administration who has gone public, Michael Haas, he was deaf. Mr. Haas describes explosions in the lower level of WTC Building 7 before the towers collapse. He said he was told to get out of the command center in building 7 and he didn't make it down the stairwell soon enough when around the 8th floor the stairwell blew up. He witnessed the lobby area completely blown out and was told not to look at the dead bodies as he left.

Rudy also didn't want to answer questions about evidence provided by NY FireFighter John Schroeder which completely shatters the official story. Rudy wasn't the only politician who didn't want to hear about evidence, NY State Senator Marty Golden was also in attendance. He also fled when we asked him about the recent video by John and the statements taken by Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen from 503 firefighters and paramedics from the FDNY. In total there are 12,000 pages of evidence that the 9/11 Commission just flat out ignored.

These politicians are saying to the people who risked their lives on 9/11, we don't care what you saw. We don't care about the truth constituents. We don't care about justice for the family members. Who cares if Osama Bin Laden is no longer wanted for the crimes of 9/11 (See his wanted poster on today).

History has now recorded these politicians and their staff for all time.

Lone Lantern August 11 Action


WTC7 Clip in a mobile compatible format

I converted the most famous clip of wtc7 coming down into a mobile compatible format (.3gp). It is very small so space should not be an issue.
If you have a mobile that can play video files, please get this file into it so you can quickly show it to friends, family, strangers and good looking women/men ;)

I have uploaded it to several file hosting sites in case one doesnt work try the other ;)

mirror 1 (sendspace)

mirror 2 (2shared)

Nancy Pelosi's front door

Obama Campaign Vs. Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

On August 13th, members of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth and local 9/11 Truth activists attended a Barack Obama event in Keene, NH.

Seattle 8/11 TruthAction Video!

Sorry it's late, but here it is.

WARNING: The music on the first half of this video is intense.
Listen to the lyrics. Stand up, and Speak out! 9/11 TRUTH NOW!!!

We Are Change on 8/11/07 Salute to

Members of CHANGE wish to salute the organizer of the only international ongoing 911 campaign for truth and justice. This is a testament to what one person with a vision can do. The 11th of every month action has continued to grow in every city on the planet since its inception. The members of CHANGE give their personal testimonies on what it is like to participate on the 11th.

To: Cosmos

We the members of CHANGE wish to honor you for the untold hours of work you have given to this movement. You have quit your job to devote your life to this cause. Your website inspires all of us to do more and care more. Your contribution will never be fully known but I assure you there is someone who knows all and is taking notes my brother.


TRR broadcasting LIVE from Pelosi and Feinstein's all week

Starting Monday August 13, Truth Revolution Radio will be broadcasting live from the doorsteps of Nancy Pelosi's and Dianne Feinstein's mansions all week long. Tune in M-W-F 9 PM Pacific Listen Live Call in 1-888-202-1984

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 13 mp3
Live from outside Feinstein's mansion - we talk to Toby from Code Pink, Luke from We Are Change with breaking news of the latest confrontation with Ghouliani and August 11 action reports with Abel from Louisville Truth, Chris in NJ and CV in Maryland. Second half of the show powered by Veterans For Peace!

Truth Revolution Radio Wednesday August 15 mp3
Live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep - I start expressing my exasperation with the movement at large pretty early into the show, Mike Knarr from We Are Change calls in with a great idea and exciting news about NYC 9/11/2007, we hear from Crystal in Massachusetts, Jim in Washington, David in Chicago and interview Paul Kangas from Veterans For Peace. We learn that a lot anti-war activists are 9/11 truthers but they keep in the closet.

Truth Revolution Radio Friday August 17 mp3
Once more broadcasting live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep, kdub co-hosts the final show of the week and we hear August 11 action reports from Art V and Jeremy who calls in from the William Rodriguez event in Los Angeles. By the end of the show there is a 9/11 Truth Now sign hanging on Nancy Pelosi's front door.

Long Weekend in LA

Everyone was a little spread out this weekend but I believe that maximum exposure was reached. A lot of 9/11 truth was intertwined with impeachment rallies from Thousand Oaks to LA. Here are just a few of the pictures with much thanks to Randy who was even interviewed by local media (but the cover up continues when his interview was shown), however we heard from a lady that his sign made it onto the news Thursday night. Also while Randy and I were at the impeachment rally in Thousand Oaks, a great shot of a 9/11 truth sign was featured in the Saturday edition of the Ventura County Star (don't think that it is online).

101 FREEWAY IN LA 8/10
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more after break

Barcelona, Spain - August 11

My first time taking action - what a great experience - I recommend anyone who has not yet done so, DO IT!! You will feel much better after.

I was alone in the nerv center of Barcelona (Plaza de Cataluña), due to total improvisation and lack of promotion of the event, but it was well worth it to break the ice for me.

I handed out about 100 flyers both in spanish and english since there are tons of tourists there. Overall response was silent, usualy interested. I did not get any harrasment from anyone, please help us next time! Don't be scared to take action, it is the "coolest" thing you can do!

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my mobile phone:

Hitting the Tourists Bus line with truth

The police did not bother me at all.

Thanks to all that took action that day! Keep it up!

Report in spanish here

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